International Academy for Higher Education
in Music and Performing Arts

“Aimart could refer to a concept of love for art; a meeting place for those who love the most intimate, uncontaminated concept of this word.”

A term, art, that can easily be abused and made synonymous with approximation and mediocrity; imprisoned in the (all too) “human” sense of things; in a frustrating cage every artist wants to escape from and flee to his ideal world. Aimart is this world, it is this very place!

It’s something that surpasses the boundaries of the very meaning of the word “art” with unassailable honesty and finds therein what an artist has always sought: the expression of inspiration, that vital energy that pulses in one’s sensitivity and demands to recount the mystery enclosed in the soul via music, theatre, dance, cinema. The names of this Academy’s founders, and the masters teaching here, make the value of Aimart perfectly clear.

The direction

Edda Silvestri

Direction and coordination of music training courses Curriculum


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