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“Aimart could refer to a concept of love for art; a meeting place for those who love the most intimate, uncontaminated concept of this word.”

A term, art, that can easily be abused and made synonymous with approximation and mediocrity; imprisoned in the (all too) “human” sense of things; in a frustrating cage every artist wants to escape from and flee to his ideal world. Aimart is this world, it is this very place!

It’s something that surpasses the boundaries of the very meaning of the word “art” with unassailable honesty and finds therein what an artist has always sought: the expression of inspiration, that vital energy that pulses in one’s sensitivity and demands to recount the mystery enclosed in the soul via music, theatre, dance, cinema. The names of this Academy’s founders, and the masters teaching here, make the value of Aimart perfectly clear.


Aimart Library

The Library, present in the Italian Library Register, with the code  ISIL IT-RM2042, whose file can be consulted at this link,

is part of the State Discoteque Pole – Central Institute for Sound and Audiovisual Goods, and participates in catalogues in SBN – the National Library Service  through the app SBNweb, created by the Ministry of Cultural and Tourist Goods and Activities, and managed by ICCU, the Central Institute for the Sole Catalogue. As well as the opening times indicated in the above-mentioned Librar register (Mon/ Wed/ Fri 10-13), the book, audio and audiovisual matetrial is available to all students interested in these was: by asking for an appointment by mail or telephone for external use; without timetable limits and according to needs for AIMART students and teachers. Librar closing das and periods are the same as the lessons, as indicated in the Didactic Calendar.

All readers may also use the consultino room with its open shelf bookcases, as well as a computer for consultation and a colour photocopier for possible photocopy requests. Book loan is not provided for. There is a continuous subscription to the specialist music magazine Suonare news.


Book and Artistic Heritage

The library, undergoing inventory and catalogue work, is almost entirely made up of funds, in optimal conservation state, from a donation from the family of the musician Helmut Reichel, a Swiss orchestra conductor living in the XX century at Zurich, the city where he long, successfully worked as an organist, piano teacher, and founder and director of the choir Zürcher Bachkantorei, distinguished by performances with various organs, whose high artistic level is also borne out by the disco recording of the holy music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Antout on Bruckner. Given the origin, the fund book and artistic heritage comprises over a thousand music scores and texts, completed by the related parts. Masses, symphonies, Concerts, Quartets by the principal composers between the XVIII and XX century, from Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven to Schubert and Dvorak, to name but a few, enhanced by an outstanding quantity of scores for solo instruments (in particular for Piano, Violin, Violincello, Organ) and chamber music with and without piano (duo, trii, etc.)uartetti pretQ.  The musical section is completed by Italian music Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (Universal Music and Musician Encclopedic Dictionary, the Historic Encyclopedia directed by L. Gatti and the History of opera, edited by G. Barblan and A. Basso, as well as Leibowitz’s), and some monographs of musicological interest, such as the History of Music edited by F. Abbiati and Zanetti. As well as the Reichel fund, there is an important CD section, with over 500 of musical interest spanning various genres, from the Baroque to today.- dal Barocco ai giorni nostri. More limited in quantit is the lyric opera DVD section, enanced by further DVDs of cinematographic interest. The section reserved to sound-supported documentary material is completed by the collection of vinyl, around 100 of various musical genres. The section reserved to art monographs is notable in breadth: around 500 volumes, with no lack of prestigious copies, involving contemporary art figures.



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