The Jazz Harp Course aims to respond to today’s need of a musical opening towards different genres, specifically jazz and popular music: an itinerary of knowledge, deepening and specialization with the perspective to enrich the awareness of the musical instrument, engage creatively and artistically. The course wants to train musicians technically and culturally to play pieces of jazz repertory and popular music according to their own interpretation and coherence in style. Students shall be enabled to master pronunciation, harmony, rhythm and all the proper elements of the language of jazz. They shall be given a lot of space for the development of their creativity and musical personality through the different improvisation techniques. Furthermore, the learning process of each student shall be personalized according to his/her individual attitudes, in order to prepare musicians who build their own musical idea, free from an overload of stylistic connotations.

During the course there will be the possibility to deepen the repertory through musical interplay with different instruments in order to practice the techniques of interpretation, accompaniment and improvisation.

At the end of the course a stage performance of the students shall be set up.


The Jazz Harp Course wants to train musicians, professionals and not professional, to gain a specialist preparation in the area of jazz and pop. The Course want to give the necessary tools to fit in different musical context as soloists, or play in jazz or popular music groups or even perform in big bands and other orchestral formations.

The course will provide all the facilities to develop the mastering of the different languages and musical stiles, and also help to a gain a specific methodology with regards to the organization of the musician as a profession.

All participants will receive a certificate listing the hours of lessons and the subjects mastered.


Course inscription demands a good mastering of the instrument (pedal harp, or lever harp), but no special study credentials are required. The course is set up for soloists, as well as duo or trio ensembles with harp (e.g. trio: voice, double bass and harp; duo: saxophone and harp).



Symbols and terms on lead sheets.

Comparison of classical notation and notation on lead sheets.


Intervals, Chords, Scales and Modes

Harmonic progressions


Comparison of classical and jazz voicing

Basic voicing (3,4 or 5 voices)


Improvisation as interaction

Improvisation over a chord progression


  • Rhythm and swing:

From standard beat to the concept of swing

Analysis and listening to different types of swing


  • Rhythm:

Swing – Jazz Waltz – Latin


Song (AABA; ABAC, etc.)


Rhythm changes (Anatole)


  • Combo Classes:

Practical rehearsal with other musicians

(for example: double bass, drums, sax, voice)


Leading jazz harpists

Listening and analysis of scores




Iscriviti al corso

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    The registration fee is €150.00 to be paid at the time of submitting the application, by payment on C / C:

    Owned by PIANETA ARTE S.r.l.

    IBAN: IT59 L061 7503 2620 0000 0883 680



    Registration fee is not refundable

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